We pick up your pup up at your home and escort him or her on a wonderful outing with the pack. A minimum of two hours of exercise, socializing, and playing with the pack and our Shmuttle team, and then your dog is returned to your door happy and tired, and safe and sound.
Cost: $30.00 per day Two dogs: $45.00 Three dogs: $60.00

We’ll Shmuttle your favorite natural canned and dry foods, treats and toys, right to your door, and deliver any foods or special medications from your Vet’s office as well.
Cost: $20.00 delivery charge per order

Don’t cancel that appointment or compromise your dog’s needs just because you’re busy. We’ll take ‘em to the vet for you, no problem!
Cost: $50.00 for a round trip drop off and pick up. Add $25.00 an hour if you’d like us to stay with your pet

We deliver your Shmutt to our grooming partner for a bath, mani-pedi, and/or the specialty treatments you prefer. We then bring them home smelling like a rose! NOTE: Our fee is for pick up and drop off only, and does not include grooming costs.
Cost: $20.00 round trip (with daycare). $5.00 extra for each additional dog. Clients without daycare: $30.00

SuperShmuttle works closely with our wonderful partner Sam Martello and his staff at Play It To The Bone on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. Judy's dogs, as well as many other Shmuttle client's pets, have been going to Play it To The Bone since 1989 and receiving excellent care and attention which is why we've chosen them as our partner and highly recommend their services to you!

Play It To the Bone has a full range of services and their prices are very reasonable. Please tell your Shmuttle Driver the services you'd like for your pet! Once we know your preference, we'll sign you up in our data base and order the services you request!

…………....…….... $30.00 and up (all baths include nails, ears, and anals)
BATH and CUT……….. $45.00 and up for small dogs
BATH and CUT……….. $55.00 and up for medium dogs
BATH and CUT……….. $65.00 and up for large dogs

(Prices depend on breed and condition of coat)
Several all-natural shampoos and conditioners to choose from are included with all baths and cuts.

Allergroom (soapless shampoo) $5.00
De-Skunk Treatment $10.00
Episoothe (shampoo and treatment) $5.00
Flea $5.00
Oatmella (shampoo) $5.00
Keri (conditioner) $5.00
Tar (shampoo) $5.00

DENTAL (hygienist on staff):O
Non-anesthesia teeth scaling $75.00
Teeth Brushing $15.00

Nail Clipping $7.00
Nail Grinding $14.00
Grinding with bath $7.00
Nail and Ears $10.00
Nail and Anals $15.00
Anals and Ears $10.00
Nails/Ears/Anals $20.00

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